I lie in a corner, splashed in life both old and new
I stare at each passer-by
Some judgingly slip in a glance
While I seductively fool some of you
Some almost touch me giving it a closer chance
They anoint me with meanings
Some decide meaning there is none.

No matter how beautiful I am
I can never choose or reject you
My essence will still remain the blend of his hues
Complete, when he fills in my flaws
And we begin to be known in twos.

Bid my price at the auction
He’ll be my man and I his wife
Never can you afford the humble muse
You can dissect me with your blood stained fork and knife
But my dear lover once you hang me
Only then will I come alive.


4 thoughts on “spla:sh

  1. I have to admit that I can never imagine expressing complexity with such simplicity. After understanding what it really means, I am awe struck. Your sleight of hand! That which you show with your pen.

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